Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is included in the price of booking Celebrity DJ?
    When you book Celebrity DJ, not only do you get a professionally trained disc jockey and emcee for your special day but you also get all the special effects lighting. Also included for no extra charge in your booking is set up and tear down time. Celebrity DJ arrives 60-90 minutes before every event to insure that everything is set up properly and running smoothly. You will also receive a small token of our appreciation for allowing us to be a part of your special day. This gift is a custom made CD with “musical highlights” from your wedding reception like your first dance song, father/daughter dance, bouquet toss song, etc. Lastly, when you book with Celebrity DJ, you get unlimited consultations. The reason we do this is that we find that what causes the most anxiety in brides and grooms regarding their big day is simply having NO idea what to expect and how things are supposed to progress.

  2. How far in advance should I book a DJ?
    Peak wedding season is April through October, and we often book dates for that timeframe a year in advance or more. If you wait until the last few weeks (or months) before your big day, the chances of successfully finding a professional DJ are very slim. That's why we highly recommend that you contact us at least 6-9 months before your planned reception date, or better still, as soon as you book your reception location. Our convenient payment plan makes booking early even easier, so don't wait to book.

  3. What are the free consultations like?
    Approximately 6 weeks prior to your big day, Celebrity DJ will contact you to set up a time for your fiancé, you, and your Celebrity DJ to sit down and go over every aspect of your reception. From the moment you two walk through the doors of the reception hall until the last song of the night, we are going to cover everything so you have a very clear understanding of what to expect and when. Also at the consultation, we will go over the songs to play and songs not to play list. For example, if you say to us, ”for the love of God and all things holy, PLEASE DO NOT play the Macarena at our wedding reception!” It doesn’t matter if 75 people at your reception are tossing $20 bills at us to play it, we will take their money and give it to you two for your honeymoon but we WILL NOT play the song because it is all about YOU and what YOU want played. You have complete and total creative control over the flow of events and music. This way you can book with confidence and know that you don't have to worry about the DJ being a maverick and simply playing what he thinks people want to hear.

  4. What does, “Your Event, Your Way” mean?
    In addition to having complete creative control over both the flow/order of events and the music during your reception, “Your Event, Your Way” also means that if there is special music that you want played at your reception that might be slightly left of center so to speak and we don't have it, if you do, feel free to bring it to us and we will play it for you and give it back at the end of the night. If we don't have it and you don't have it, we make it OUR responsibility to locate it for you.

  5. In addition to providing DJ services for my wedding reception, can Celebrity DJ provide music and equipment for our ceremony and cocktail hour?
    Yes, Celebrity DJ has the ability to provide music for your ceremony as well as use of a wireless microphone for the celebrant during your ceremony. In addition, with one of the largest and most expansive music library’s in Southern Colorado, Celebrity DJ has the perfect music for your cocktail hour.

  6. What happens if guests begin arriving at my reception before the time we booked Celebrity DJ?
    At Celebrity DJ, we aren't clock watchers…more often than not, we are completely set up and ready to go at least 30 minutes before the contracted start time. At that time, if guests are beginning to make their way into the hall, we will start playing music the moment we see the first guest arrive, not when the "contracted" time starts.

  7. We are fairly certain we want to book Celebrity DJ…first though, can we come and watch you work?
    Much like you wouldn’t want a complete stranger popping in on your wedding reception, at Celebrity DJ, we can’t very well invite you to someone else’s wedding reception. However, to “see us in action” please check out our Promotional Video. This is a 90 second video presentation compiled from footage taken at events we have done over the years to help you get an idea of who we are, what we do, and the kind of elegance and fun we can bring to your wedding reception.

  8. How do I know that I am getting the Celebrity DJ I want for my reception?
    This is one of the biggest complaints about the wedding DJ industry. Far too many times, a couple has either gone to a bridal show or made a phone call where they have gotten comfortable with a specific DJ only to find out that a few weeks before their reception that they are getting some 18 year-old assistant. With Celebrity DJ, you get who you book…period. You develop a comfort and confidence with your DJ and to not get who you thought you were getting is simply unprofessional and NOT the Celebrity DJ way.

  9. Does Celebrity DJ carry insurance?
    Celebrity DJ carries full liability insurance through American Family Insurance and is represented locally by agent Cathy Kramp at (719) 638-8033.

  10. Does Celebrity DJ carry back-up equipment?
    With the top-of-the-line, state of the art equipment that we provide, system failure is highly unlikely but should something happen to the laptop computer we play your music from, we have 2 back-up CD players and our entire music library on CD as well.

  11. Will the DJ for my wedding reception be dressed appropriately?
    Each Celebrity DJ comes outfitted in a tuxedo to add to the elegance of your special day.

  12. Does Celebrity DJ belong to any professional trade organizations and if so, which ones?
    Celebrity DJ is a proud member of the Southern Colorado Wedding Association.

  13. What makes Celebrity DJ different than all other DJ’s?
    With many other DJ companies, you may very well be treated as exactly what you are…one of many wedding reception bookings throughout the course of the year. We know you don’t care about anyone else’s wedding except your own…that’s why at Celebrity DJ, we make your event our highest priority so it truly ends up being a special day one filled with memories that will last a lifetime!